Nursing Assistant

Diploma In Hospital Administration

(Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery)

ANM or Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery is fundamentally a certificate course, zeroing in on the investigation of the soundness of humanity. Moreover, while learning this course, applicants are likewise educated in regards to the Operation Theater, its working, different types of gear, and how to deal with them. The huge intention of the ANM course is to prepare the applicants in working as a fundamental wellbeing specialist in the general public, and give treatment to kids, ladies, and matured individuals.

For the most part, Child Health Nursing, Health Promotion, Midwifery, Health Care Management, Primary and Community Health Nursing, are the subjects of ANM. A hopeful wanting to seek after this course needs to have tolerance, ought to be ready, in great shape, and have liability. ANM has great vocation scope too and has different open positions, in different regions, including NGOs, Government Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Private Hospitals, and so forth





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